Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So during the summer I picked up some really cool things at garage sales. One of which were two puzzles. They have 24 pieces and say for ages 3 and up. They are cute puzzles of Winne the Poo and Sesame Street. I got them for tutoring thinking they would be fun things for breaks. I brought them home and Michael wanted to see them. I told him they were too hard for him and put them up high, not wanting him to lose the pieces. Well I guess this just made him more determined to do them. About 20 times each day he would ask either Kent or I to help him do the puzzles. Finally about 3 weeks ago I gave in and pulled them down and did them with him. Then Kent started doing them with Michael and teaching him how to match the pictures together. Last week Michael started to do his puzzles in the morning, which let me sleep in a little longer (YEAH!). So, Yesterday morning I went to the toy room and saw Michael finished with one puzzle and almost done with another, all by himself. He sure showed me that they were not too hard for him, and with a little determination (which he has a lot of) he can do anything. :)

And of course I have to post a picture of Emma, being her cute and adorable self today. ;)

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Brown Family said...

If you think he could do smaller pieces, they have 24-piece puzzles or 12-piece ones w/the cardboard "frames/backing" at the dollar store. We get 'em lots! :)

Way to go Michael!

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