Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rainbow Writing

Handwriting is an important part of school, though not as much fun as some things.  Ok, well... really it is at the bottom of the fun list.  However, I have found a way to add a little more excitement to it.  I learned about it while I taught Kindergarten.  Another teacher told me her trick and I used it then, and continue with Handsome.  I call it "Rainbow Writing."  I let Handsome write with markers (a special privilege in our house) and pick a new color for each line of writing he does.  He can pick any color, yet he often chooses to make it the actual colors of the rainbow. 

Also, I have to put a little plug out there for the Handwriting curriculum I found at .... Walmart.  Yes, Walmart!  My sister-in-law told me about it.  It is the Mead Writing Fundamentals workbooks they have in their learning section.  I like that they tell fun stories for how to form the letters.  That they do all capitals first, one complete book.  Then they do the lowercase in a different book and compare them to the capital letters, plus they help the kids know where the lowercase letter goes by defining the three different areas as the "sky", "grass", and "dirt."  So I just reiterate with Handsome that the "w" has to touch the top of the grass and the bottom of the grass, but make sure it doesn't go into the sky or dirt.  We are having good success with it.  We also have the "Number Stories" which I like.  Some of the pages we have skipped, but most are good, especially the number formation lessons.

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Kerri said...

we do "rainbow writing" in our preschool with our kids, but getting them to write their names...but I wanted to tell you that I found those Mr. Sketch markers that were SO AWESOME when we were little that smell SOOO GOOD! I found them at Office Depot. The markers are awesome and SUCH an incentive to use!

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