Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adorable: Growing and Moving

My Little 7 (almost 8) month baby boy is just so ADORABLE!

I love, love, love, this phase of life.  He is learning, growing, and starting to show some personality.  He is very much a "Mamma's Boy" as he now follows me all around the house crawling.  If he is not in my arms he is either crawling on the floor to get to me, or being distracted by his big brother and big sister. 

He is already in 12 month size clothes.

He has started babbling "mamamama."  I LOVE this!

He is also my little thrill seeker.  He loves it when he is thrown in the air.  And he LOVES it when you scare him.  I really mean it!  If you startle him and say "boo" he laughs and laughs and laughs.  It looks like I'm being mean, but he laughs so hard I can't help but sneak up behind him and lightly grab him as I say "boo."

He crawls, but it is not a "normal" crawl but a wiggle worm crawl.  He gets up on his knees, wiggles back and forth, and then goes forward onto his belly.  Then back on his hands and knees to repeat the process.  He has tried the "traditional" crawl, but is much slower, so quickly goes back to the "wiggle worm" crawl.

And now my little Adorable is starting to pull himself up onto everything!

 It started as he pulled himself over our legs, then onto low boxes, where he would topple off, or cry because he would feel stuck.  But if he fell off or we got him off, he would go right back on.  Then he started pulling himself up to his knees on toys and such.

Next he would pull himself up to a stand on our occasional table.  This scared/still scares me as I feel like I have to be close by because of the corners.  Yet, if I pull him down so I can leave to room to do something, he is right back up there. 

Then I laughed as he pulled himself up to the rocking horse and would wobble back and forth as the horse rocked. 

And then one day I went in to get him from a nap, and found this!  he had pulled himself up in his crib!  So now the crib bed has been lowered so I can sleep peacefully at night.

I just can't believe all he is doing.  If I remember correctly my other two were just crawling (maybe still an army crawl at this age). 

My little baby is growing up!

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