Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope your family is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

My new Thanksgiving Banner.  I made it simply out of scrapbook paper, and then sewed it together on my machine.  So much faster and easier than fabric.  Although, I don't know how many years it will survive. :)

And a new tradition.  I totally stole the idea, Thanks Rachel!  I cut out paper circles of different sizes, then put the blank circle in one container.  When we think of something we are thankful for, we can write, or draw, on the back of a circle.  Then it goes into the other container.  And my goal is to sew them together and hang on a wall... I'm thinking around the kitchen table.  Then it will remind us of what we are thankful for, and remind us to BE thankful for all the wonderful blessing God has given us.

Then of course our traditional Cranberry Scones!!  One of the best parts of Thanksgiving.  This year, I decided to make them for breakfast too.  We always end up eating them as they come hot out of the oven (yummy!), so why not just tell the kids it's our breakfast. :)

And I found out something new about Gorgeous this year.  As Handsome and Gorgeous were helping me make the scones, Handsome asked to try a cranberry.  Smiling I gave him a small piece of a cranberry and watched his face as it puckered up.  Then Gorgeous wanted to try one too.  I decided to give her an even smaller piece than I gave Handsome expecting the same results.  But NO!  She asked for more!  Until at the end I was just giving her handfuls of whole cranberries to snack on.  Who knew she loved cranberries so much!


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