Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Projects!

Ok, so here are some of my fun projects that I have been doing, and loving. I am enjoying my new found time. It's wonderful having 2 children, sure parts are harder (like shopping), but now Emma is starting to be more independent, and because there is Michael nearby she is fine playing next to him, whereas Michael always had to be playing where I was, meaning no break for me.

But anyways on to my projects that Denise asked to see. :) So here you go.

My wedding gift, their initial framed. I like it, I hope they did too.

A new soaker for Emma. I followed a new pattern, I like parts but other parts I don't, so I'm going to combine the best of the two I like and try to make another one.

New shoes for Emma. So the story behind this is my Sister-in-law, Jennifer, clued me in on Robeez, these wonderful shoes made of leather that don't come off the feet. (Poor Michael was always barefooted in our wet climate because no shoe or sock could withstand his kicking). But I found Robeez at a garage sale for $2.00 and totally fell in love with them. I couldn't stomach the $30 for a new pair now that Emma has out grown the ones I got. So I made some for her, same style/idea only out of fabric, and the bottom has little feet grippers so she has traction when she walks. I love them, I think they turned out totally cute, and much cheaper. And since I can make them I want to have a few of different colors etc. Which probably means I will spend $30 but have a nice variety of shoes for her to wear. :)


Andrea said...

Look at you! You could open your own boutique.

Jennifer said...

I love those shoes you made. I am a big fan of the Robeez as well, but my kids only had one pair, and if they did not match an outfit, they wore them anyways. You are so crafty, keep up all the hard work.

Denise said...

I so love those shoes! Next time I have a baby I may be calling to request some ... :) I got a knock-off of Robeez at Target for $12, but they accidentally went through the wash and that was it for them. And like Jennifer said, if they didn't match too bad! :)

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