Friday, September 18, 2009

Current Projects and Cute Kids

Aren't they just adorable! :)

Ok, so first I have to say my kids were just looking so cute today, I had to pull out the camera, and get these photos, and of course share them with everyone. :) Thanks for putting up with me. :)
But really I've added more to our play room. The first idea came from a comment from Andrea on her blog. She mentioned how she had a kids calendar with pictures for her kids so they knew what was coming up. Andrea, what an awesome idea! So I took it and made it work in our house.
One thing I LOVE about my home are how many big windows it has. I LOVE the windows and wouldn't trade it for anything. Yet it makes wall space limited. So to do a calendar I decided to use the window. I bought some of those chalk pens at the store and made the following calendar for Michael. (I took the picture at night because the camera can see it better). Anyways I am using it to teach Michael the days of the week, as well as the concept of today (we will move to yesterday and tomorrow in a bit). I love this concept because each morning we do our calendar and talk about the things that are going to affect Michael that day.

Next I saw these big clothes pins at our craft store. I had seen them in a nice house before, but they had purchased them at Pottery Barn I think? Anyways I wasn't going to spend the money. So I was happy to find them at the craft store. I just painted them, with Michael's help (my philosophy is that all things on the wall in the play room involve a kid in creation, or that is my goal) and wa la! No more random papers/art taped to the walls. They now have their place of honor and it looks nice too.

I have three, blue, red, and green. But here is the up close of the blue

And Michael happily painting the green one.

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Kerri said...

Clothes Pins: WOW...the first pic made them look HUGE!!!! I thought, designeresque! Then I saw Michael's picture...that size makes more sense. I love the other stuff, too...the calendar is a great idea for our little guys to make sense of their world....the trick is for me figuring out WHAT we ARE going to do that week (or day) with enough advance planning to put it on the calendar.

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