Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well, I just had to say something about my birthday on here. :) Another year older, and I'm realizing that I am getting really close to 30! How did that happen? But I did have a good birthday. We celebrated on Saturday, and my gift from Kent was a paper that told me to show up at an address at a certain time and call a certain phone number. The anticipation was fun! In the end I drove to the place and got a wonderful body scrub and massage! Then Kent watched the kids while I took all the time I wanted and shopped at my favorite craft stores (I never get to just randomly walk through there because of the kids!) It was wonderful! That evening we went out to dinner with my 2 sisters-in-law and their hubbies. And one brother-in-law actually took the challenge and ate 7 chicken drum sticks at level 7 hot sauce in 7 minutes. He got his meal free, a shirt, and his picture taken. I'd never actually seen anyone do a challenge at a restaurant before. It was hilarious and quite the entertainment as into the second drum stick his face turned red and sweat started to poor down his face!

In the end it was a fun celebration. Michael asked me where my birthday balloon was (because we had gotten one for Emma) I told him he would have to make me one. So he drew two birthday balloons for me that we hung up under the birthday banner. :) I also got phone calls from friends and family. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday a special one!


Andrea said...

How fun!! Happy birthday.

Kerri said...

Happy belated birthday (wish I'd been more on top of this!)!!! I MUST comment b/c if Kent planned all that just for you, Steve and he would get along SO WELL since that is almost identical to my birthday last January!!! A piece of paper taped to my steering wheel blindly guided me to the spa--where I got a pedicure and haircut/style, then total free time to shop or do whatever I wanted (I chose to shop), then meet him at an address (restaurant, I found out) at a certain time! WE ARE SOO ALIKE! TOTALLY AWESOME BIRTHDAY! I can relate to how fun that must have been!

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