Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Update

Two little ones have colds, and for Michael that means every 4 hours medicine, plus steroids twice a day, plus still getting over an infection with antibiotics. Sorry to say but with the abutoral every 4 hours, Michael is getting good at Mario Cart Wii, he actually beats the computer (although, I think it some how makes it easier for him. :) It is either that or TV to keep him still so that the mask stays on and he gets the medicine. And with the abutoral it makes him so hipper that at night he wont go to bed, and to top it off I am waking him up every 4 hours in the night as well. But I think we are close to an end and breathing will be back to normal without an emergency visit. YEAH!

Emma also has the cold, but in spite of it, has taken off in walking. I knew it was only a matter of time. Prior she would take steps, but would prefer to crawl. Now she is walking tons! She just had to have the desire, and off she goes. :) She went from not walking, to walking long distances while holding a toy in each hand. She is so hilarious and adorable.

Soon Emma will be going into nursery, it will be fun to see how she likes it, I think she will love having friends her age to play with. Then shortly after Michael will be a sunbeam. I can't wait to have him in primary with me! I am so excited, he will be a ball in primary. :)

Kent and I are just trying to keep up with our children, and trying to remember to enjoy it too. :)

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Brown Family said...

I think sometimes the trying to remember to enjoy it is the biggest part! So sorry about Michael. Maybe that's what Paul needs these days ... treatment AND a Wii! :)

Watch out for the walker -- it's amazing how much stuff they can carry around with their hands. Makes it a lot more difficult to keep the house clean!

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