Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I haven't posted any pictures of my kids lately. So for those family and friends who want to see how much they are growing. These are for you. :)

Emma's first snow experience. She had been watching her brother play in it through the window so I had to get her dressed and let her experience it for a little bit.
I couldn't believe the coloring Michael had, while he had a cold. Look at those rosy cheecks and red lips!

Michael being adorable, as he rides his bike outside. He came in telling me he needed a big bicycle. (He must have been watching the big kids ride there bikes around)

And last Emma, cuddling with her Daddy. How cute!

1 comment:

Jana Nielsen said...

Those are just adorable. You are great at getting those shots. I'm still learning so my pictures are mediocre. Maybe you can share some tips for shooting good candid shots for those of us who could use them.

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