Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alone At Last!!!

How long does it take you to be able to go out without your baby after they have been born? Well, for me it has taken a while. I did leave Emma with a sister-in-law so I could take Michael to a doctor apt. only to return and learn that she refused a bottle. I know it is my own fault. I get lazy, think that they have the bottle feedings down, get tired of trying to find time to pump in an already hectic schedule and so I just go back to the easiest thing, breast feeding. It is just so easy, no bottle cleaning, no storage issues, no having to refrigerate/freeze to then have to get it to the correct temperature, and it's just so nice to have it with you and ready any time :). But I suppose I pay for it in the end.
This last Saturday was the first time since Emma has been born (almost 8 months) that Kent and I have been able to go on a date child free!! With Emma’s feeding schedule I was on call every 2 or 3 hours. Plus the fact that I feel guilty trying to get a free babysitter (a sister-in-law) for something fun like a date, (apposed to a doctor apt.). But Saturday Kent surprised me with plans for dinner just the two of us. Emma has started to give me a 4 hour block between feedings in the evenings, so it was just perfect timing for us to feed her, get her and Michael down to bed, pay a niece to stay at the house as we went to dinner. It was so nice to actually have an adult conversation without screaming or a million other type of interruptions.
Now, don’t be feeling too bad for us, we do still have date nights, but being the cheap person that I am, we usually just stay at home, put the kids down and then watch a movie or play a game just to have our time together. But I am so thankful to solid foods that have given me the extra time so that we were able to get out. Now if she would just sleep through the night, that would be great!!


Jennifer said...

I am very thankful to have my mom here who loves to come over and spend time with the kids. Before Guinevere was born we could actually go out to dinner and then take a long walk or sit somewhere and talk without interruption. Good job to Kent for surprising you and taking you out on a nice date, you deserve it.

Brown Family said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I can't believe you're still going without a full night's sleep. I would die!

Funny you say how much easier breastfeeding is, because I think it's the opposite! Then again, I don't ever get my kids used to a certain temp, so I can just carry around water and formula (as opposed to nursing pads and a blanket), and I'm set. Then I can leave 'em alone whenever I want to ... which is usually by a couple of months old.

We are blessed to have a live-in babysitter. It really is nice, because we can go to the temple regularly. I think of it as payback to us. :) Oh, and I pay Becca with scrapbooking stuff, which she loves. :)

Brown Family said...
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