Thursday, November 6, 2008

Much Rejoicing

So those of you who don’t know we have been struggling with Michael and asthma. Each time he would get a cold he would end up in the walk-in clinic for treatments because it would progress so fast and strong the medicine I had at home would not work. At times we even ended up in the ER and were once transferred to Seattle Children’s hospital for a 2 day stay as Michael recovered. Michael has had a cold at least once some times twice or three times each month, ending with emergency care. Yet finally at the one year mark this October we had a major celebration. Michael got a cold and no asthma!!!!! Needless to say there was MUCH rejoicing! Finally to not have to see my son struggle to breath, to not have the sleepless nights monitoring his breathing with a baby monitor by his side.

The answer came as my wonderful sister-in-law, Nancy, encouraged me to seek a specialist on my own and get Michael seen. Then my other wonderful sister-in-law, Beth, was able to watch Emma as I took Michael to the specialist at the hospital. The specialist ordered tests and gave me Prevacid to try. The tests came out all fine, but it seems the Prevacid did the trick. At one of Emma’s well baby check ups the pediatrician asked how Michael was doing. I told her we have him on prevacid and the pediatrician said, “oh yes, that does sometimes work, I wonder why I didn’t give it to you myself.” Frustrating… but oh well, we have it now.

So we still have Michael on his maintenance inhalers, we don’t want to take him off until the cold season is over just to make sure. But the fact that we are able to handle everything at home and don’t have to run to the walk-in clinic or ER is wonderful. I never doubted all the priesthood blessing that said he would get over it, but I just didn’t know the Lord’s time table. I have to admit I was afraid to blog about it, just worried I would jinx it. But one month down with no asthma, there has to be MUCH REJOICING!!


Andrea said...

Wow! That's rough on him and rough on you as the mom. I'm glad a doctor was able to finally help.

Denise said...

I find that we really have to speak up at doctor's appointments, or like you did, see someone else. Somehow we think they know it all, but they don't. And even things they do know they sometimes are too rushed to think about. So glad it's working!!! I hope none of our kids get the bad Brown lungs ... :)

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