Thursday, November 20, 2008

Books and Memories

Those who know the family I grew up in, know that it was a book reading family. Where I grew up books were cherished, loved, and read often. And as a result I have such fond memories of books and have carried the tradition over to my family. I however specialize in children’s books (being a elementary teaching has influenced that one).

When I was around 7 or 8 I fell in love with the Clifford series of books (you know the Big Red Dog) (back then there was no TV show). I loved animals and this was a wonderfully way to get me into reading. My dad quickly figured this out and randomly when he would come home from work he would have with him a Clifford book that he bought from the used book store. I LOVED it. It was the best surprise in the world for me. I would take my book and read it over and over again until my dad would bring home another one.

As I got older I have held onto my Clifford books. They had such special memories attached with them. In our last move I have finally been able to unpack all of my books (YEAH!) and with them came out the Clifford books.

So Michael is just starting to be interested in TV and started to watch the Clifford TV show. So for our reading time I picked out two of my Clifford books to read to him. He LOVED it! He now calls them “my Clifford books” (typical of every two year old, it all becomes his). Every reading time he wants to read his Clifford books. I love that he loves them so much and I am so happy that he finds joy in reading the same books that I enjoyed reading.

I wish my dad was still with us and I would love to tell him how much it meant to me for him to bring home those books just for me, and how awesome it is that my son loves reading the exact same books. It is times like this that I really miss him. Luckily I have the gospel perspective and know that if he doesn’t already know, I will have the chance to tell him someday.


Andrea said...

That's a really sweet story about your dad and how it ties 3 generations together.

I was a big Berenstain Bear fan as a kid and I collected those. Allen is getting into thoses. It's fun introducing your kid to something you enjoyed as a kid. (Ever hear of Safety Kids? I played it today for Allen and we followed along with the book. Another childhood favorite...)

Brown Family said...

I think the reading bug skipped over at least one brother of yours ... ;)

I also love the Clifford books, but it's funny now to look at them and see how much Emily Elizabeth has changed. I only wish PBS had stuck with Clifford after John Ritter died, because Clifford Puppy Days just isn't as good.

BTW, remember how Paul and I joke about naming a daughter Jetta since he lost that favorite car of his? The Clifford cartoon has a girl named Jetta. Not the nicest girl, but proof that it is a girl's name. :)

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