Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cute Kids

Ok, so of course every mom thinks their kids are cute. I am no exception. And thanks to the wonderful world of blogging everyone else who reads my blog (ok so there are only 3 of you :) get to enjoy me loving and being proud of my kids doing the exact same thing that everybody else’s kids do. Sorry, but can you just indulge me on this one?

Here is just a cute clip of Michael dancing to Brad Paisley,my favorite country singer, playing his new song. (he just came in from outside, which explains the hat and coat)

Here is Michael being cute wearing his Fireman hat while he brushes his teeth.

(We just had a dentist apointment too, and no cavities, Yeah! Plus Michael got a new toothbrush, kids floss, a toy car, and a balloon! They really are good with the kids and make it fun for Michael to go there. I sure am glad he likes to brush his teeth)

And just a cute picture of Emma, she’s so adorable! (unfortuantly she still has to wear a bib everywhere, but at least the spit up has lessened since I stoped drinking milk.)

Thanks for indulging me. Now it’s your turn, show me the cute pictures of your kids doing everyday things. :)


Andrea said...

You do have cute kids. I can see why you are proud of them. Great video and pictures.

Denise said...

In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. See -- three people agreeing must mean your kids really are cute. :)

Glad to see Michael brushing. We're bad about that with Shayla -- of course, she doesn't even have all of her front teeth yet ...

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