Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fun of Halloween

So this year we went to Trunk or Treat as well as trick or treating on friday night. I loved the trunk or treat because I got to see everyone I know from the three wards that meet in our building (which we have been members of all three!). Michael went in his Rooster costume and Emma was in her teddy bear jacket (it serves two purposes, Halloween costume and cute winter coat:) We saw Grandma Brown and Steve there dressed up as Pirates, as well as Kent's family. I wish I would have gotten pictures of Michael with his cousins but everyone was too busy getting or eating candy. ;)

Kent's sisters at the Trunk or Treat

Halloween night I thought we would have lots of kids trick or treating, but saddly not to many. I took Michael around our neighborhood. Only about every 3rd house was welcoming trick or treaters. But still Michael got loads of candy (people were giving him handfulls either because he was just so cute, or because they had less trick or treaters than they expected and wanted to get rid of their candy). Anyways Michael got loads of candy! When we got home I let him pick three things to enjoy before he went to bed. His choices; a Halloween puzzle (24 pieces totally awesome idea) a can of apple juice, and fruit snacks. I guess he has not yet got the idea of the candy, but as a mom I am happy with his choices. :) Each day I let Michael pick one piece of candy after each meal, we'll see how long that last, I may just end up putting it in the pantry and save it for christmas stocking stuffers (ok so I know I'm cheap, but might as well save where you can). So how do you deal with Halloween candy? Do you let your kids eat it when they want? Do you put it in a pile for community family candy? I would love ideas for next year.
Michael in his Rooster costume
Michael discovering the joys of a tootsie pop

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Brown Family said...

I do like you did and let them eat about 3 pieces per day. After a few days I make it community property and put it in the pantry. Maybe I already mentioned this, but my kids forget about it and I just found suckers from Easter in there ... :)

I'm totally into saving $ at Christmas. Do it while you can -- you can't get away with these things when they become teenagers!

I've never seen your mom dress up before! Too funny to see her as a pirate! :)

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