Sunday, November 9, 2008

It’s a Hairy Place

The nice thing about having church start at 1pm is that we have so much time in the morning to get ready. I do really enjoy taking my time in getting ready and enjoy the morning with the family all together. This morning we did have to do some necessary things to be ready for church, HAIRCUTS! Kent needed one badly and since I had all the stuff out, Michael got one too. Michael has really been a good one to sit still and let me cut his hair, I think because he always sees his dad do it too. However, now he is complaining more and more about the cut hair bugging him. He constantly tries to brush it off and is afraid it will get into his eyes; nonetheless he sits there and lets me cut it. I am very glad about that. So after Michael’s haircut I couldn’t resist to take some cute pictures.

I commented to Kent that “I never thought Michael would have such a hairy back so soon.” Kent just replied “he gets it from your side of the family.” Which if he really does get one, I would have to agree, my brothers have the hairy gene for sure.
And the end result. Now doesn't he look hansome!

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Denise said...

Yes, bad lungs and hairy genes ... we'll leave it to that, although there are other lovely genes my Brown kids get to inherit ...

You should get one of those capes they put on at the barber shop. I got one at a beauty supply store for under $10, and it saves my kids getting very annoyed with pokey hair. Also, I bought a brush to brush off the hair, and I let them hold it while I'm cutting.

It's annoying when all of a sudden something bugs them that they've been fine at, eh? Shayla now hates baths. Don't know what happened there. Actually, it's just the getting in -- she's fine once she's in. Crazy.

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