Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Princess

My little Princess loves to get into the dress ups and be a princess.  She says "call me Princess (Gorgeous)."   Gorgeous and Handsome seem to play a certain game often now.  It is where Princess Gorgeous is stranded on a high tower (a bar stool) and is surrounded by something bad and cries out for help from "Super Kid" otherwise known as Handsome.  To which Handsome puts on his super hero cape and comes to her rescue fighting off whatever stands in his way.  So here are a few pictures of my princess in her various outfits.

This last one she is in her "princess BYU dress" and decided that she needed a blanket out for her so she could lay on it and play with Adorable.  I have to say, it was adorable!



Carol said...

Yeah for the rescued princess and her rescuer!

Brown Family said...

I love how they gravitate to their roles so independently. And princesses are the best!

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