Monday, September 19, 2011

Sleep? What's that?

We now have sick little ones and one sick big one :)  So my sleep well.... let's just say...

Sunday Night

6pm feed and put to sleep a sick baby

9 -9:30pm feed and rocked sick baby

10pm - I went to bed

11-12am feed, rocked, and sucked out snot of sick baby

1-2am feed, rocked, sucked out snot, put oils on feet, and put pillow under mattress of sick baby

3:30am- baby monitor made a loud squeal.  I jumped our of bed, wondering what emergency alarm was going off!  Mad to find out it was the baby monitor malfunctioning!!!

4:30-5:00am- Handsome came in complaining he couldn't breath, set him up with medicine

5:30am- Gorgeous decided to wake up as well as Adorable

All three kids up...hence I was now UP and the day had begun.  What happened to my sleep?

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