Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adorable's Baby Blessing

The day we blessed Adorable was a busy one, but I insisted that we take the time to get pictures before church.  Glad I did because those are the only ones I got!  It was a wonderful event with family around us to celebrate the event (too bad we didn't get any pictures of all the family!)

Adorable wore the same blessing outfit as Handsome did when he was blessed.  But this time we also used a special blanket.  Kent came home with it from his mother's home.  I hope I am correct in this, but I believe the story is that Grandma Mead (Kent's grandma) made this for baby blessings.  I don't know who has used it before.  I will have to learn more about this for sure.

And Handsome wore his suite without complaint.  I simply said that Adorable was wearing a tux so he had to wear a suit.  No problems, amazing!

Right before Adorable went up to be blessed he started crying.  So I quickly got out the pacifier to calm him down.  Kent suggested he take him, so he would fall asleep with him and wouldn't notice going up.  It worked as Adorable slept through it all, and I was able to hear and enjoy the event.

And I just LOVE this picture.  Kent was getting tired of all the pictures but I INSISTED on them.  This is his "ok, I'll just humor my wife" face.  But I love it. :)  And doesn't Adorable just look so Adorable!

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Carol said...

Loved the pictures and the stories of blessing day!

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