Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Kent is always wanting me to cut his and Handsome's hair shorter than I do.  I refuse I like the length I cut it and will not go shorter.  Well... while in the middle of cutting Handsome's hair Adorable was crying and needed to eat, so I handed the trimmers over to Kent to finish.  The end result.....

I say it makes my little boy look like a cancer patient.  Kent wants me to cut his hair the same (NEVER!) and thinks it's wonderful.  Handsome loves it (I think because his daddy does) and has to show everyone we meet (including random strangers in the store or doctors office).  I make him wear a hat anytime we go outside, it doesn't help that it is cold and rainy again.

Even Adorable has longer hair than Handsome.  But don't those two brothers look cute together!

Now Handsome has a cold and with it his asthma.  So, back to the nebulizer treatments as well as steroids (and he was doing so well, darn!)  But with the hair cut and the mask, now he really does look like a cancer patient!

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Carol said...

Wow! that is a different look for Handsome, but it makes his eyes stand out--he coul;dn't be anything but cute! Sweet brothers picture, too.

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