Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dreams... sleep?

I defiantly believe that dreams can mean something.  Lately I've had a number of dreams with a common theme

* I've dreamed that I was driving the car with the kids in the back and I kept falling asleep while driving.
* I've dreamed that a good friend came to visit but, try as I may to stay up and chat with her, I kept falling asleep.
* I dreamed that I got up to get Adorable dressed for the day, but was extremely tired and forgot he was a boy and dressed him in girl clothes.
* And in one dream my husband was there twice, two husbands, and I was very concerned about this, but yet was too tired to figure it out, I just wanted to sleep.

Interpretation.... I think I need more sleep if I am dreaming about being tired and needing more sleep!


Kerri said...


Denise said...

Love it! Just put away the baby girls' clothes and you'll be fine. ;)

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