Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok, so every mom thinks their kids are totally adorable (as they should). So please bear with me as I tattle on just how cute my Michael is. :)

I've been really trying to teach him that Christmas is Christ's birthday. He has really gotten the Jesus's birthday part (although I still think he thinks Christmas is something different). So we talk about gifts we are going to give to Jesus, and that we are going to celebrate with a party (a family Christmas get together). Yet, Michael keeps asking about Jesus's birthday cake (I think I may have to make a birthday cake and make it a part of our traditions). Today, during quiet time, I listened as he scribbled on a piece of paper and dictated out loud what he was writing.

"Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for our food and our clothes. I love you Jesus.

From Michael"

Then he asked me when Jesus was going to come to His birthday party so he could give him, his present.

What mom wouldn't think this was cute! So Anyways I just had to brag. :)


Brown Family said...

Birthday cake -- not a bad idea! That is very cute. I love them at this age. One of my friends' kids (about a year older than Michael) screamed throughout a temple open house, because they told him they were going to Jesus' house, and he wanted to see Jesus!!!

Margot said...

That's really sweet.

Andrea said...

Cute! Allen gets confused when we say prayers every night and Heavenly Father and Jesus don't ever come and talk with him. He thinks it's more like a phone call, I guess, and he will actually hear them talk back... and he's confused because he can't ever see them.

Kids are cute as they figure out all these things.

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