Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I guess I'm growing up

So just some thoughts, take them or leave them.....

I was just thinking how a year ago, I was worried about me, my community, church, family, but politics was something boreing. I didn't understand all the government stuff people were talking about... and being one who likes to please and keep the peace I would avoid political conversations so as to not upset anyone...... But now I have discovered Fox news network, and Glenn Beck.

Is the world really this bad? Before, I thought that people were good, and that at least the majority of people were trying their best to do what is right. Was I niave? I am not a person that likes to "rock the boat" but really what is going on.... so I know this may not make too much of a difference, but I have taken to writing to my senators about what I, as one they represent, would like them to vote on, etc.

I'm sure most of you are already there, but I just wonder what would happen if all of us did write to our Senators more often about what is happening.... would they listen to the majority of those they represent? I would hope so......

I certainly hope the end of the world is not near.... but some things in the government are really getting me worried, making me double check my food storage, etc. Am I the only one... or are the rest of you getting a bit worried too?

Again, just a thought I wanted to throw out there.

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Brown Family said...

I don't watch Fox news or Glenn Beck, but yes, it is worrisome how the nation is going. It's like the vocal minority gets what they want, and politicians are too busy to please this vocal minority than to stand up for what they truly believe. (That is I think what most impressed me about George W., is that he did what he thought was right whether or not it was popular. Which, btw, is why he was "unpopular" according to the liberal media. And yes, media is liberal. Remember working with them was my profession!) It's annoying to think many politicians will take a popularity poll on an issue before they vote. Sigh.

I've also found you can call your Senator's office to find out exactly what you want to know about specific bills. I did this w/that legislation your mom was upset about wrt mesothelimoa and found it was nothing like her attorney had said -- but that it was meant to cut out attorneys who were making so much money from other people's suffering.

Yes, food storage is getting more and more important. I need to buy a wheat grinder one day. And grow my own garden. And buy canning supplies. And plant fruit trees. Good thing 4.5 kids don't take TOO much time, huh? ;)

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