Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Day is Done

Michael is fast asleep, and Emma in daddy's lap soon to join dreamland. I finish cleaning the kitchen from crumbs of dinner and the leftover chocolate Father's day cake. The dishes are washing, the laundry is finishing up. I head outside to take down the diapers from the line to see the sun setting. The light slowing leaving us in the most beautiful way. As I pause at the door I see a light rainbow telling me all is right with the world, that I have fought a good fight, and though all is not easy, it is very much worth it! And as a reward we are blessed with the beauty all around us, in the sky above and in the smile of a baby!


Brown Family said...

I love noticing those little beauties in life as a reminder of why the beauty was created.

Emma is so cute! Her hair is getting lighter! (And longer!)

Jana Nielsen said...

That is beautiful, Christina. I love your pictures, and I think you should make what you wrote into a poem.

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