Monday, December 1, 2008


The day before Thanksgiving Michael and I spend the day coloring thanksgiving pages and finger painting. He made handprint turkeys that we made into Thanksgiving cards for both grandparents. Then we had our little family Thanksgiving meal complete with cranberry scones. YUM! For dessert we had corna copias (made from ice cream cones) filled with candy. We took turns going around the table and saying what we were thankful for and each thing we said we got to eat a piece of candy. It was fun to start our own traditions now that Michael will start to remember them. And it was good to start teaching Michael what Thanksgiving is all about.

Thanksgiving day we spent with Kent’s family (only one sibling was not there, they live in another state). His sister’s house was a full one. But everyone had a blast together. This year I was finally able to let Michael lose and let him chase after all his cousins and play along with them. Emma loves being held, so everyone took their turn holding her. My older nieces commented on how they love holding Emma because she never cries when they hold her, compared to their other baby cousins. Needless to say Emma was held most of the time. Kent got to hang out with the guys chatting, and I got to play games with the teenagers. We played apples to apples and signs (everyone passes secret signs and the person in the middle has to figure out who has the sign). It was a blast. When we finally left to go home around 9pm both kids were tired and feel asleep during the 3 min. ride home.

So what did you do for Thanksgiving? What traditions do you do? How do you teach your children about the meaning of Thanksgiving?


Brown Family said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Isnt' family the best?!?

Andrea said...

All month we read books and sang songs about Thanksgiving. I told Allen about the pilgrims and Indians over and over. When we had Thanksgiving dinner Allen turned to me and said, we're eating like the pilgrims and indians. I guess it worked!

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