Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love to Create!

Ok, now that Christmas is over my mind has settled on two things. 1) I am actually pregnant and a baby will be arriving in my home in just a few short months! and 2) I have to get ready now before September and ideally before Baby comes to have all of Handsome's homeschooling ready to go, because I will not want to be doing it when I have a cute, adorable, new baby in my arms! Gladly, Baby will be 5 months old when Kindergarten starts for Handsome. I am so looking forward to homeschooling!

This has lead to MEGA nesting! (The actual first time I feel that I have time to nest out of the 3 children)

This has lead oddly to me wanting to be creating things, and although baby things are a want, some things for Gorgeous were a need. So here is what I have been up to lately.

New slippers, ok, these were the Christmas Eve slippers, but I didn't get a good shot of them then, so here they are. I LOVE them! Handsome has ones with rockets on them. :)

New pants for Gorgeous. I made them out of an old t-shirt of mine. She is in desperate need of pants that do not show her lower backside when bending over. These do the trick. :)

Headbands. For some reason the 2 I had previously made vanished. So more were made. Reversible too. Now I just want to make the cute fabric flowers to clip on to them.

And since Gorgeous was getting all the attention, Handsome insisted that Buzz needed a picture too. So here he is, and no I did not make him, or anything for him.


Brown Family said...

Those headbands are awesome! Please send me your directions so I can make some for Becca -- she'd love them! I love that they're reversible, too.

Glad you're getting the nesting bug -- that's always skipped me entirely. :)

Carol said...

Such adorable and creative things!

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