Friday, May 8, 2009


So I don’t have a clue when it comes to decorating. When I got married and got an apartment of my own to decorate I just did what I had grown up with, put all the chairs facing the TV, random pictures that you like around the room and call it good. So that is what I did. I’ve always known I wasn’t a “decorator” type and felt that there wasn’t really much I could do, I didn’t have “the gift.”

One day I was at my sister-in-laws, and commented to her how I just loved how she decorated her home. It wasn’t my style of decorating, but it was beautiful. And what did she tell me? She told me that at first she had no clue how to decorate, but she found a book that told her step by step directions that told her how to decorate. She gladly loaned me the book.

I am very much a book learner. Tell me step by step what to do and why with some examples and I can do it. This book was just what I needed to learn how to decorate my own home. It is called, “Use What You Have Decorating” by Lauri Ward. I love it because first it tells you how to use what you currently have in your home (because most likely it is what you like already) and then tells you step by step what to do and why. It is my type of book. So I have already redecorated the play room, and living room, put together the entry way, rearranged the kids bedroom, and straightened up the kitchen. I am still working on the artwork on the walls. I don’t have exactly what I want (a big picture of Christ, preferably with children, and two other gospel related artworks) as a focal point in the living room behind the couch. But I can say that rearranging the furniture has made such a big difference. Now I’ll just improve on it step by step as I find what I want at garage sales, and have time to make things I want. Step by step I am working on it. Improving a little here and a littler there as I have time and as I figure out how to use what I have in other rooms. It is a constant work in progress.

Here are some before and after pictures. It’s funny I didn’t do much, but rearrange the furniture. But really that makes a huge difference in the feel of the room and how comfortable it is.

The entry way

The toy room before (ok so it was messy too, I didn't feel like cleaning up just to take a "before" picture)

and after

Our living room before (ok here it really was cleaned up but the bookcases just gave it a messy feeling anyways)

Our living room after. It still needs work, but it is so much better, I feel so much more relaxed in it. :)

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Denise said...

So fun! I'm also enjoying my neighbor's blog (linked from mine - Imagine Cozy), because she is also into using what you have, but helping you organize it to look classy and nice. Check it out for more ideas. And don't judge my place next time you come to visit, because I haven't implemented a thing I've learned! :)

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