Thursday, July 29, 2010


Queenie with Handsome after his baby blessing

Kent's grandma, as I mentioned earlier, just passed away and we were able to attend her funeral with the children. She died at age 98, and I meet her when she was a young 91.
Just some special memories of her:
* She flew up to attend our temple wedding, which was actually the first time I met her.
*Just after Kent and I were married she decided to throw me a bridal shower in Utah for her side of the family to attend.
*She insisted on seeing where Kent and I lived in Utah and didn't let 3 flights of stairs keep her away (and as I mentioned she was 91 years old!). She said she always liked to see where everyone lived so when she thought of you she could picture you in your home.
*She flew up to attend Handsome's baby blessing at age 94!
*She flew up to attend Gorgeous's baby blessing at age 96! And of course she insisted on seeing our home so she could picture us there. And she took the kids and I out to the kids favorite restaurant.
*Whenever she saw any of her grand kids or great-grand kids, she would give them money, insisting that they had more to spend it on than her, and refused to take it back!
* After Gorgeous' baby blessing she was so sad to have to say that she didn't feel she could fly anymore. But she looked forward to visits from family when we went to Utah.
*Luckily we were able to visit her once more with our trip to Utah 2 weeks before she passed away. At that time she was walking about, cooking, etc. living on her own. She even played a beautiful version of Book of Mormon stories on the piano that she improvised for the kids.
She was a dear grandma. I feel so fortunate that Handsome and Gorgeous had a chance to meet her and I am so blessed to have known her myself.


Brown Family said...

She sounds like she was wonderful and LOVED her grandkids and great-grandkids. That's awesome. So glad you got in that one last visit -- maybe our reunion dates were inspired. :) Grandma Alva died a month after Paul and I were married, so we never got to meet each others' grandparents.

Carol said...

I loved the picture of handsome and "Queenie" at handsome's blessing. She was a wonderful person! And it was very good that you were able to visit her just two weeks before her passing.

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